Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rock a Fragrance and Smell Good!

When it comes to choosing a men’s cologne there are plenty of things that you should keep in mind. What’s your style? The occasion? How many sprays? Where to buy it? Oh the agony! Read on to learn how to choose the best smelling mens cologne for you!

Just like how women wear perfume, men can also wear cologne. And technically, there are parfums that men can wear and some women wear colognes and EDT’s (there are plenty of fragrances marketed to men on the market that can also be considered unisex). If you haven’t considered it yet, consider it now. Sporting a fragrance can make you a leader, have you seemingly oozing sophistication, make the girls come at you like the Axe commercials.. yeah maybe not all that, but why not sport some smell goods?

Here’s a few things ever man should know if he plans to wear cologne and wear it right. Below is some advice to keep in mind if you’re looking for the best smelling men's cologne for you.

How to apply your cologne

You definitely don’t want to bathe in this stuff. Fragrances possess different projection and longevity due to the concentration of aromatic compounds found in the juice. A good rule of thumb is to spray on your pulse points. For men, some good spots are on the inside of your wrists and a couple of sprays on the chest/throat area. Also make sure that you have clean skin. Fragrant stank is a crime son! Depending on the occasion, you don’t want to overdo it. Let’s talk about that for a moment.

Where You at!

There will be quite a difference on what you wear and how much you wear if say you’re going out clubbing compared to spending a day at the office. You don’t want to be “aromatically offensive” if you’re around those you work with. Either wear cologne with a smaller projection or just spray less of your heavy hitter. Marine and citrus based fragrances are optimal for this type of setting. If you’re out clubbing, then by all means go bathe in some Joop and smell like a eurotrash punk! Or spray a cloud of some Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense on and smell like a field of bubblegum. Joking aside, you can go a little heavier with the fragrance on a night out on the town.  If it’s a night with that special someone, you may want to go for a more masculine, sensual, seductive scent.

Your Age is a Factor

Playing off my previous statements, something more playful like Joop and Paco Rabanne scents are great for the younger crowd. Certainly you don’t want to be walking around rockin’ Drakkar Noir smelling like an old man! Aquatic fragrances also do well with the younger crowd. Now, if you’re an older guy, may I suggest something like Givenchy Gentleman which is a robust and manly fragrance. Fragrances with woodsy, green, fresh, leathery and tobacco notes work well in for the older crowd.

Try Before You Buy

Blind buys are tough when it comes to the fragrance world, but some of us are forced into it. If that’s the case, check out authority fragrance sites like basenotes and fragrantica to get an idea of what others are saying. And use reputable retailers (I like Amazon) to get the scented liquid on the cheap.  If you are of the lucky group and have access to retailers, I suggest going in and spraying one scent on your inner wrist (make sure you’re not wearing something already since overlapping scents will just cause confusion). You can do a different one for each wrist, but I prefer going in and just doing one on both wrists. Check out if you like the top and keep checking back to see how the heart and base notes open up. Many large retailers (think Nordstroms and Macy’s) will also give you small vials, good for about three applications. You can ask to get a few small vials of the colognes you are interested in trying out and take them home with you.

Some Final Words

Another thing to keep in mind is your budget. The $$$ range on fragrances is far and wide. If the cheap Nautica smells awesome on you then go for it! If you’re a fragrance snob and can only wear Creed, then be willing to drop the funds for the more expensive stuff. Regardless what your budget is, there are many and plenty men’s colognes to choose from. Check out more of this site for some good ideas.

So there you have it. Take the advice above and be on your way to grabbing the best smelling men’s cologne for you!